Over the past 40 years Doug’s 225+ prime-time television credits include various international series, 120 programs on Canadian History and many programs featuring the cultural and natural heritage of North and South America.


Doug’s masterful storytelling has reached and captivated millions of viewers from around the globe with meticulously captured HD and 4K films.


Doug is known throughout the world as the Godfather of Canadian Film, that not so easy to capture breathtaking footage of the Canadian Wildnerness…breathtaking shots of the Rocky Mountains, aerial footage of forest fires, and intimate rarely seen images of Canadian Wildlife. Doug’s work is sought after because of the drama, depth, and incredible storytelling power it holds. With a deep understanding of music and how to tie it to the storytelling – Doug sets himself apart from many directors.


It goes with no surprise that the calibre of Doug’s work, the talent in which is drawn to him and respect that he garners in the industry is rooted deeper than a Canadian Maple or Oak.


Doug has worked with hundreds of artist and actors from Dolly Parton, Bryan Adams, Jack Lemmon, Pat Benetar, Walter Matthau, Tina Turner, Leslie Nielsen, Ian Tyson, Vince Gill, Arthur Hiller (former president of the Academy Awards), Tommy Banks, London Symphony Orchestra, and the Guess Who just to name a few.


Doug is recognized for his ability to pick and work with the best people for the project his is working on. He has an incredible ability to read people and empower them to produce world-class results. Douglas is a man of integrity, his working interactions were vast and always of the highest integrity.


Programs and footage has been broadcast on international television networks and cable systems to millions of viewers and distributed in schools across North America plus national museums such as the Cdn Museum of Civilization and Juno Beach War Museum in France.


Personal Life



  • Music: Beatles, Eagles, Nat King Cole
  • Business: Dr. Allard, Bill Marsdon, Gordon Tootoosus
  • Sport: Wayne Gretzky, Glen Hall
  • Directors: Michael Landon, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Dick Wolf



  • Movies Industry


  • Music Industry

The masterpiece “This is My America” is a timeless treasure that is still played extensively today.


Doug taught the music industry how to let the reins loose by way of providing clear parameters for the project and allowing the artist the freedom to write and create material and works of art that were near and dear to their heart. His approach is a wonderful catalyst to creativity, as it is not stifling. He has built and nurtured countless careers in the music industry. Doug has helped musicians find the joy in their writing again.


Doug has been noted for the healing capabilities of his music, and the necessity in today’s world to mend.


  • Community & Education


One word resonates with many who have touched Doug’s work. Truth. Doug is a proponent of education. His work is rooted in family values, and educating through his amazing talents of storytelling and creativity. Historians note the validity and accuracy of his work, even in the music genre. In the This is My America project, he wanted truth in the making of it, the freedom to enjoy the output, and the freedom of choosing what steps and actions the listener would take as a result of being richer for enjoying the compilation.


Through the art of his storytelling and the mastery of his craft Doug’s mission to learn through history and set the stage to make the future better, is easily articulated by all that he works with, a true testament to his leadership ability.


  • Nature
  • Business





  • Television Series’
    • Blackfoot – Rufus Goodstriker (host) (year)
      • Glenbow Alberta Institute and Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
    • Gaslight (13 episodes) – Gerry Puckett (host) (year)
    • Puckett’s General Store – Gerry Puckett (host) (26 episodes) (year-year)
    • The Frontier Collection (26 episodes) – Jim Butler (host) (year-year)
  • This Living World (18 full length feature films) Featured on CTV, Global TV, Disney Channel, HD Net, TVA, Discovery Channel HD, National Geographic HD, and many more
    • Poacher
    • The Forest
    • Wildlife Habitat
    • Rhythms of Nature
    • Cowboys of the Americas
      • Michael Martin Murphy and Ian Tyson (Hosts)
    • Land of the Midnight Sun
    • Water, Wind and Fire
    • Seasons of the Buffalo
    • Of Humans and Nature
    • Forests of Canada
    • Stewardship fo the Land
    • Water – For this Living World
    • Wildfire – A Force of Nature
    • Castle in the Rockies (The Banff Springs)
    • Alberta – A Spirit of Heritage (2005)
    • Alberta – A Forest History
    • Places of Green
    • Design for the Future (Carbon Capture)
  • Public Service Announcements (PSA)
    • National Tree Day – 2011 – English and French
  • Centre Stage – 30 minute documentary
    • Life and times of film director and former President of the Academy Awards – Arthur Hiller
    • Featuring Leslie Nielson, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Ali MacGraw.



  • This is My America (64 track – 3 CD Box Set)
    • Featuring Gordon Tootoosis, Dolly Parton, Charley Pride, The Nashville Symphony, Billy Dean, Tim Ryan, and many more.
  • In the Dawning – A Story of Canada
    • Narrated by Christopher Plummer
    • Featuring the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Wild Rose Country – Television Program Soundtrack
    • Featuring the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Cantata Canada
    • Featuring members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Scarlet and Gold
    • Celebration of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • Featuring the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Fly with Me America – Music Video
    • Performed by Perry Danos
  • Various Global Concert Specials – performed in 55 countries
    • Featuring – Henry Mancini, Roberta Flack, Anne Murray, Dionne Warwick, Kris Kristofferson, Aretha Franklin, Sergio Mendes, Neil Sedaka, Jose Feliciano, Charles Aznavour, Burt Bacarach, Cleo Laine, John Dankworth, Connie Stevens, Pat & Debbie Boone, Charley Pride, Judy Collins, Rita Coolidge, Kingston Trio, Nana Mouskouri, Glenn Yarbrough, Bellemy Brothers, Al Martino, Ferrante and Teicher, Diahann Carrol, Roger Whittaker





Doug established the This Living World Nature Trust to help create a legacy of natural landscapes for Canadians to enjoy for generations. The Trust was created with a very specific purpose in mind, to save and reclaim as much critical wildlife habitat as possible.


Since it’s inception in 1990, This Living World Nature Trust has raised more than $100,000 and purchased or placed under protection 1,500 acres of endangered habitat land. Funds are raised through video sales of “This Living World” television series and through private donations.


Proceeds raised go toward the purchase of wildlife habitat and the placement of conservation easements on habitat lands under the Ecological Gift provisions of the Income Tax Act. Corporate and Government Patrons provide the television series with production funding, allowing 100% of the net revenue from video sales to be distributed to our Conservancy Partners.



Haley Project with Tommy Banks





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