“Canada’s Forest Treasures”

A Motion Picture Celebrating Canada's Forests

The Story

If you look beyond the trees, you’ll find a treasure trove of stories, and others yet to be told, about this essential part of our Canadian landscape. These stories will form the tapestry of a one hour motion picture, entitled “Canada’s Forest Treasures”, to be produced for national primetime television and cross-platform distribution to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. 

From the world’s most mysterious forests, to the mighty land and spirit of the Haida and the Taan forest with towering Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, to the urban forests surrounded by modern skyscrapers in urban settings – there are stories to be told under the canopy of towering trees  – stories told by the people who live, work and play in these woodland areas.

Canada’s Forest Treasures will inspire you to look at a part of the Canadian landscape in a way that you have never experienced it before.

It’s a story about The Living World, a story about you…a story about us…our strength…a story about A Place Called Canada.

The King Team has worked across this great nation of diverse cultural and natural world heritage. We have traveled and filmed in every province and territory. We did it by foot, wagon, truck, van, canoe, boat, airplane and helicopter and even by dog sled along the flow edge of Baffin Island and by horseback through the Rocky Mountains.  Our production crews have captured a vast visual and sound library of over 600-hours of rare and stunning imagery.  Within the borders of this huge canvas of 9,000,000 square kilometres of land (and 900,000 square kilometres of freshwater) many hard working people called environmental stewards, fiercely protect the land and its wealth of flora and fauna while promoting a sensible harmony with the values of economic prosperity.

Join us on this journey!

The Passion

The Purpose

Success for most television or music producers is based mainly on the potential of a project, story or song. Producers also depend on the quality of the technical facilities used and the artistic skills of the professionals that he (or she) surrounds themselves with, throughout the creative, business, production and marketing periods of the project.

It was within these values, that Canada’s Forest Treasures was born!


Invest in our heritage, in our nation, in a Place Called Canada.

Invest in OUR future!

Don't Wait!

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